C Smith Plans

(CM Smith Plans)

AW Laserdesign (Belgium) is licensed for all our plans and the production of kits.  http:/www.awlaserdesign.be info@awlaserdesign.be

Welcome to C Smith Plans

Remote control model aircraft plans.

Placeholder  ImageProducing hard to find model plans, or plans for larger size models.

  These are not production photocopies. Photocopies of longer length are very prone to distortion. These are unique drawings intended for the rare, elite group of experienced modelers. Plans are printed on a wide format color plotter, directly from the master file at time of order. Any revisions take effect immediately.
All plans are CAD drawn, designed for wood construction.

Plans can be re-scaled and re-formatted for any larger size if desired.


Our plans are generally based on $1.00 per square foot of drawing paper.

Package weights can be from 3 pounds, up to 12 pounds of drawings.

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